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    G & E Roofing and Construction Co. Ltd. Services

    Red Clay Tile Roof On A Green House
    G & E Roofing and Construction Company Ltd. places a lot of emphasis on providing quality service and completing our projects on schedule. The quality of our work speaks for itself time and time again, and as a result most of our jobs are acquired through client referrals. We provide professional yet friendly service CONSISTENTLY, at the most competitive and fair prices

    100% Satisfaction Rate!

    Free Estimates On Roofs Island Wide!

    Our Services

    Installation Of Sanded Waterproofing Membrane
    • Decra System Tile Installation
    • Clay Tile Installation
    • Roof Framing
    • Re-Roofing
    • Ceiling Repair
      • Design
      • Construction
      • Repair
    • Construction
      • New Structure
      • Refurbishing
      • Building maintenance
      • Painting
    • Architectural Services
    • Alu-Steel T4 Installation
    • Water-Proof Membrane Installation
    • Preventative Maintenance Program
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